The Best Step to Update Android (2021)

If you are an Android user then definitely you are always in charge of making your Android up to date. If this is the need and choice of Android users like you then definitely you must have an idea of Android updates. Operating Android does not make the phone up to date but also helps to make your phone super fast gives proper optimization and customization. That’s the reason here we are with you to discuss how to operate Android to the latest version.

Before finding out the different steps to update your phone let me decide and discuss what are the reason to makes you for updating your Android phones. Operating Android helps you to meet the latest features on your phone. Already your Android makes to meet the proper optimization of your device. With an updated Android version you can get more freedom for customizing your device. You can enjoy the latest security features on it.

So after finding out the basic importance and advantage of updating your Android phone let’s talk about some major steps to update your phone.

  1. Direct system update
  2. Using OTA update package

1.Direct System Android update

One of the first and recommended steps followed by every smartphone user to update their smartphone is the direct system method. Yes, the direct system method is the first and basic major steps followed by every user to update their phone. Using this method you can easily make your phone up to date by downloading the latest update faced by the manufacturer.
It is the 100% trusted method and genuine steps created by and provided by the smartphone
company to the users like you and me to make the phone up to date.

How to update using system updater

It’s the simplest method for operating your phone so I don’t think it is necessary to guide you on it. So anyway let’s read this.

  1. Go to settings of your phone by tapping on settings.
  2. Find the system, update, or about the phone option from the settings.
  3. Tap on system update/finds system update is update settings on your phone.
  4. Tap on Check Android update.
  5. If there is an update available then you can download and install the update to make your phone up to date. If not then you can try the next option for updating your phone.

2.Using OTA downloaded package

Sometimes the update may not get by your phone on time due to various reasons. Also at first, the company doesn’t provide the newer version software update to almost all the devices at a single time. Suppose if a company has recently published out the latest update in beta version then there is less chance to get that update regularly to all smartphones.

Although the company has rolled out the update for your device is missing update and not getting any updates from the system update panel or settings then definitely you have an option of operating your phone with the OTA method. OTA method is also another legal and 100% working method to make your phone or to date.

This is that updating method which can be done by adding the downloaded update from the sources. In simple OTA update can be done by applying the updated package that was downloaded by you.

Here I mean to say that do t a method can be worked by adding the downloaded update package from other sources.

For example, if you are a Xiaomi Redmi note 7 user then you have an option of operating your phone either by going to the system setting or buying the downloaded OTA package. For Xiaomi users, you need to download the OTA package from the official site of Xiaomi.

If you are not friendly with the internet and advanced in Mobile use then you may feel quite difficult for following this update method. The main reason to update the phone using this method is to get the fastest update although your phone is not getting an update after the roll out.

How to update using the OTA method

Although the company has rolled out the update for your model phone (for example Redmi Note If you are not getting orbit directly from the first method (direct system method) then you have still the end of the son of updating your phone without any errors. Here you need to go,

  • Download the latest OTA Update package for your phone from the official site.
  • Save it into the storage of your phone either internal or external.
  • Go to settings of your phone>Update>System Updates
  • On the system update setting tap on an option or three dots from where you can get an the option of choosing the different points on system update settings.
  • Tap on install OTA package. If you are Xiaomi users then tap on “Choose Update Package” it opens your phone file manager.
  • Now find the package and tap on apply or install. Now the downloaded package will be encrypted.
  • Wait around 10 minutes and reboot your device after completing the updating process. Finally done.

This is the process for operating your phones using the OTA update. Before following this
the method you need to make sure that there is the available OTA update for download for your model.

If we have any problem using this method then you can comment to us.

Custom ROM Update

If you are a heater of system UI of your phone or feel more by using and seeing the same UI then you have still an option for installing the custom UI or custom ROM from the third-party developer. Yes the third- party custom ROM is one of the ways to make your phone up to date by applying the latest version of custom ROM on your phone.

Also applying custom ROM make your phone different than your previous system UI. So if you are willing to get the new UI features on your phone then you can go for the custom ROM update.

Some people used to follow this method to make their phone or to date and get the are different UI for a better experience and looking. Until it is one of the rock tops bought the best method is not easy for installing search custom ROM in our phone. For that, you need to root your phone.

Only you are still trying to make your phone up to date then this is also the method that may make you happy and phone up to date by getting the latest googles Android version.


I hope you all have got an Idea about, the best steps to Update Android. If you feel any difficulty then feel free to contact us.

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