How Invention of Wheel Changed The World: Best Guide 2021

Wheel has always contributed to the human life since it has been invented. It is interesting to know about Invention of Wheel. Not only now but from the past few centuries it has helped to make human life more easier. Wheels are majorly used in the modes of transport. Rather than transport wheels plays an important role in industrial section as well. Wheels have evolved with the industrial revolution and it has been prove that industries has a lot of need of wheels.

Either it may be in the form of of robotic wheels, robotic arm wheel and many more. We should have a great respect of this invention. And we should also salute to the persons and our ancestors who have done a tremendous job by invention of wheel. Today we will discuss how the invention of wheel changed the world, how the wheels are invented, how evolution of wheels takes place and industrial uses of wheels and many more.

Invention Of Wheel

There is a very interesting and eye catching story that how the invention of wheel take place. Here we will discuss briefly about the invention of wheel and we’ll try to know its history and how it evolved and many more.

Let’s start the topic by just simply knowing the definition of wheel. According to me, how I will define wheel is: “it is a round shaped object or a circular block which is designed in such a way that it can roll on the surface to cover the particular distance from A to B“. This can be the simplest definition of wheels.

History of Wheels

In the previous period wheels are basically made up of a circular of wooden log offer definite width. In which they made hole at the center to pass or Rod or Axle to the other side of wheel center of the vehicle, or anything which is to be rolled. In this way by connecting to the two wheels together they are used to roll and travel through it with the help of animals.

There are no clear statements about the place and the time of the invention of wheels. And many of the past theories did not guarantee about the place and the time of the invention of wheels.

It is not clear who and how the wheel is been invented. But there are various interesting stories by the famous historians which can give an idea how the wheel is been invented. There are many strong assumptions that the peoples in the the Harappan culture and peoples from Middle East are the founder of the wheels.

The Peoples from the Harappan culture are highly been credited for the invention of wheels either there are no any clear statements. But it is highly been believed that the Harappans are the main people behind the invention of the wheel.

Evolution Of Wheels

It is very interesting to know about the evolution of wheels. You might be curious to know how wheels has been evolved throughout the centuries. So we will classify the evolution of wheels century wise. How Century by century wheels has been changed and evolved and contributing to the human efforts till now. A Human has a great mind and he likes to use it regularly.

Similarly many of the focused persons have put the mind on the evolution of wheels. They have researched the whole life about how the wheels can be made more comfortable to drive a car, for train or airplane. Wheels are not just only a part of vehicle which runs on road but it is also a part of train, it is also part of industries, it is also part of Aviation industry. Everywhere where there is a transport there is existence of wheel in any how. And we should not deny it.

Evolution Of Wheels Between 4500-3500 BC

At the early age that is between 4500 to 3500 BC the wheels are basically made up of circular stones and wooden logs, as you can see in the image. These two wheels are highly used between this period of 4500 to 3500 BC.

The types of wheel used in this period are not stable because there is not highly stable Technology. These types of wheels are good for short-term transport. Between the stone wheel and the wooden log wheel the wooden Log wheel is more stable as it is perfectly circular and it is easy to be shaped. Both the types of the wheels have Center hole with is used for passing a rod or axle.

Evolution Of Wheels In 800’s

At the starting of the 800’s the bronze wheels are introduced to public. This wheels are good in strength, it has a good surface finish, it is made of a strong material. These wheels are made with the proper Construction Techniques. It consists of a Rim, Hub Spokes with Wire and it has other covering attachments as well.

If you have watched the movie called Mohenjodaro you have seen this types of wheels. They are used in the movie to show how those peoples travel. This wheels are used for horse vehicles and other animal vehicles. This field has a good mechanical strength hence it can be used for long time. It also can be lasted for longtime.

Evolution Of Wheels Between 1400-Till Now

Invention of wheel in first thing and its evolution comes after this invention of wheel. So from 1400 to till now wheel have been changed in tremendous amount. There are wheels available for every single thing which can be usedm for any purpose. The wheels between 1400 to till now they are made in such a way that they are highly mechanically strong.

This type of wheel is made up of Steel and various fabrics which gives it an extra strength. In its outer covering that is rubber which is a quality rubber which maintains a suitable relation and suitable distance between the road and the surface of the tyre. This distance is negligible, it is nearly equal to zero. This is the the final evolution of the wheels till now. No one knows what will be done to this wheels in the upcoming time.

Why It Took So Long for Invention of Wheel

It took so long for the Invention of Wheel because, we all know Technology has started evolving from early 90’s. And when the invention of the wheel takes place the technology was not yet evolved or we can say technology is not in existence. So it was very tough for the people to invent something and they don’t have any idea what the wheel is and how it works, and what is the science behind it.

There is an interesting story behind the invention of wheel. Is that the early people from the Harappan culture where looking for the food at the ground of the mountains. And suddenly volcano bursted, due to which land started to vibrate and the big stones from the top of the Mountain started coming downwards rolling down and rolling down. One person from that group saw this and this is the birth of the idea behind the invention of wheel.

Then they started thinking about the Rolling of those stones and compared it with the real life. They created a disc of the stone and they started the trials by rolling those stone discs from height. Similarly they started they to use it for the transport purpose. They took two discs and made the hole at the center of the both. They passed a wooden log of small diameter through the centers and they started rolling it. They found that it can be used for the transport purpose. and it was the beginning of the usage of the wheels. This is the small story behind the invention of wheel.


Who first invented the wheel?

There are no any clear evidences about the inventor of the wheel. Most of the people give credit of invention of wheel to their ancestors. But the true historians highly suggest Harrapan Civilization Peoples are the on who invented the wheels.

How was wheel invented by early humans?

It is been said that the peoples from the early age (5500 years ago) where wondering around a mountain. They saw the big stones are rolling down the mountain, and it gave birth to idea of invention of wheel.

What were the first wheels made of?

The early wheels are mainly made up of stone discs and circular wooden logs.


I hope you should have get the idea about the invention of wheel and what are the roles of wheel in the human life. And you should also have learnt how much impact wheels have in our life. We should respect and salute our and ancestors who give birth to the brilliant invention. If this wasn’t invented. The world that is running today may not be possible. in this way the invention of wheels have changed the world completely. And it also has high impacts on the economy as well.

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