What Is IP Address? – (Best Explanation-2021)

Once in a life you should always have herd about something called IP address. It is a very interesting and important topics to discuss today. Hearing about it makes us more curious. We will help you to know, What does it mean by an IP address? Who was the founder of IP address? How does it evolve? and What are the advantages and disadvantages of having an IP address?

So in this article you will be fully acknowledged about IP address. So lets dive in deeper and grab some information.

IP Address Meaning?

An IP is a short form of internet protocol. Internet Protocol is the string of the combined numbers assigned to each and every device which is is connected to a computer hardware network which uses an IP for communication. It helps you to connect multiple devices with a single computer or PC or laptop over single network.

Till now the most famous Internet Protocol address which is used is IP version 4, which is also known as IPv4. It is a sequence of string of numbers of 32 bit of 1’s and 0’s.

Now a days internet is growing very fast. Number of people are using internet for their ease. Due to which the available IPv4 addresses are depleting. This depletion of IPv4 addresses is due to the heavy growth in internet usage nowadays.

For this a new IP version is introduced to publicly which is also known as IPv6. It is also known Internet Protocol version 6. It basically uses string of numbers of 128 bits of 1’s and 0’s, for Internet Protocol addresses. this IPv6 is standardized in 1998. The availability of IPv6 has been started from mid of 20’s.

Types Of IP Addresses

There are two major types of IP addresses. It has major types of it but we cannot say that as different types but of course we can call it as different versions of internet protocol addresses. This shows that how the versions of Internet Protocol has been changed. And how it has been evolved from IPv4 and IPv6 due to the heavy growth of internet usage.

Initially the IP version 4 addresses are being used. And it has been specified to each and every user. Every computer user has been assigned with unique IP which is a 32 bit sequence of numbers of 1’s and 0’s. Internet usage has been increased rapidly. Due to which there is a start of depletion of IP version 4 addresses and hence a new version of IP, which is IP version 6 is introduced. It is a 128 bit sequence of numbers of 1’s and 0’s.

An example of IPv4 Addresses:

An example of IPv6 Addresses: 2001:0DB8:AC10:FE01::0000:0000:0000:0000 (0’s can be omitted here)

Private IP Addresses

Private Internet Protocol address can be defined as the I P address of the device that is connected to your business network or private network. If you are working on multiple devices and all those devices are connected to single Internet Service Provider that is single ISP then all those devices should have a unique Internet Protocol address. Those addresses cannot be accessed outside of your business or private network. Example: 191.365.264.1

Every single device that you use or others use have a unique I P address. There are many proposals that IP address should be globally unique. The computers are connected to each other and you have connected your devices to your computer. So if you think that all those devices have the same IP addresses it won’t be able to manage.

It is easily and it will not be able to track its communication for many of the reasons like this it has been decided that the IP address of each and every device should be globally unique. Every new device that is been registered and which uses computer communication should have its unique and own IP address. It should not be copied otherwise the device is malfunctioned.

Public IP Address

A public IP address can be defined as the internet protocol address which is your main and prior address to which your home or private or business addresses are connected. With the help of public Internet Protocol address that has been provided to you which is the unique one.

You can connect to the whole world. It is very easy to find out the Internet Protocol address of the device that you use you just have to go your browser and and search for my IP address.

What Is My IP Address Of My Computer

To check your Internet Protocol address (IP) of your device or any other thing. You just have to go to the browser that you use and you just have to search my IP address. Once you search for it you will see the sequence of numbers and alphabets and characters which is your Internet Protocol address. You can see in the image below it is the Internet protocol address of my device that I use. For security purposes I have hided the initial letters of my I P address it is unique for every single user and it cannot be changed. There are various probabilities of changing of your IP address.

ip address

The internet protocol address of my device is the type of IP version 6 address. As you can see there are numerous characters in this internet protocol address. This series is sequence of numbers of 128 bits of 1’s and 0’s.

What is IP address in Minecraft

You should have think that what is the IP address in Minecraft. To check the internet protocol address in Minecraft you have to know the internet protocol address of the router that you use. The IP address of the router that you use is useful for other players to be connected with you in game and it helps you to play with your friends and family.


What is IP address with example?

An IP address for internet protocol address is a string of sequence of numbers arranged in the combination of 1’s and 0’s. They are stored in 32 bit 4 byte and now a days a new version of IP that is IP version 6 provides 128 bit storage. Example:

What is IP address stands for?

The IP stands for Internet Protocol Address.

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