Top 10 NEW Features In Microsoft Teams!!

Microsoft teams app which is an online meeting and the video conferencing app by Microsoft organisation. Microsoft keeps dropping new features and updates almost everyday. It’s been very hard to keep an eye on all this updates and features. Here I am with top 10 new updates and features in Microsoft teams app.

Before diving in, let’s have a small look on what is my Microsoft teams apps. Basically teams app is designed for online meetings, video conferencing, and for e-learning. It has helped students a lot during this pandemic situation. During this pandemic situation the schools from the whole world are being closed and all the students are learning from their home.

It also helped many employees to work from their home. They can arrange their online meetings through this app. It is good for students as well as employees. It is one of the brilliant projects by Microsoft and they have grown very rapidly during this pandemic situation. Because this is the prior need in this situation to learn from home and work from home.

Top 10 NEW Features In Microsoft Teams

Like as I said earlier Microsoft always keep dropping new features and updates to its Microsoft teams. But recently Microsoft has dropped a new major features to the teams app. And this features has changed the entire structure of Microsoft teams app. It is now more user friendly and anyone can easily use it.

The new features added to the teams app will definitely excite users to use the teams app. In this new features, they have added the new display modes, they have also added pop out app feature which makes your work easy.

1. Together Mode New Scenes

The first new feature to the Microsoft teams app is the “together mode new scenes“. Earlier the together mode has only one scene. But in this feature they have added various new scenes.

If you are using teams app then you should have seen that, whenever you join a meeting or start a meeting you see the participants are stucked in their own little small boxes. It can be said that it looks like a Gallery view.

Previously the together mode used to have only one scene that you can choose. But now there is a bunch of new option you can choose from as per your choice. To access this new features of together mode you have to go to the meeting controls at the top and click the more option. Once you click the more option you will see that you are currently in the gallery mode and you have to click together mode preview.

With all these different scenes of the new together mode you can enjoy your meetings and video conferences. It has many scenes, one of the scene is that you and your participants are sitting in a hall and you will be shown on the chairs.

2. New Fluent UX

New feature number 2 is that Microsoft teams has its new User experience landing page out. The New Fluent UX for Fast Furious. Microsoft has not changed its landing page and they hadn’t upgraded it’s you UX for the long period.

It used to have purple header in the previous software and a dark purple side bar with the white sub sidebar. With the long width you can upgrade your experience with the new fluent UX which will give you the better experience.

It also has a purple header with the search bar on it and login symbol, minimization and maximization buttons and closing button. It has a white side bar with white sub sidebar it looks little sleek and modern the icons look a little bit modern. There is a nice grey color behind the background which gives you an extraordinary look. This new fluent UX is not only limited in the light mode but it is also available in the dark mode.

In the previous dark mode there used to be a purple header with search bar and sign in button with the minimization-maximization button and closing button. With a sleeky grey background which is not dark perfectly. But the new dark mode has a dark header with the search bar sign in button minimization and maximization button with the closing button. As well it has a dark side bar with dark sub sidebar and a grey front panel this experience is much more greater than the previous versions of light mode and dark mode.

3. Pop-Out Apps

The new feature number 3 in the Microsoft Teams app is the all new Pop-Out apps. If you have used teams app fro a long time then you should have found that it many in app experiences. Which you cannot use or operate at a single time. You can use one feature at a time. You cannot use more than one feature at a time. You cannot jump through every single feature on old version of the Microsoft teams app.

For this Microsoft has introduced a brand feature called Pop-Out apps. With this new Pop-out apps feature, you can jump to the any function on the screen without closing the current window.

Suppose, you are currently in teams feature and you want to jump to classwork section at the same time. For this what you need to do is that, you have to right click on the function that you want to jump to. And then you will see the option named Pop Out App. Once you click Pop Out App you will see that a small window of the feature that you wanted to open. This is all about the new Pop Out App feature of Microsoft Teams app.

4. Channel Calendar

The new feature number 4 of Microsoft Teams app is Channel Calendar. If you use Microsoft teams app for your school to attend the online lectures, then you should have joined different channels of different subjects. As directed by your teachers. With the help of this new channel calendar feature you or your employees can use it to arrange different events. you can have a group chat. You can also have an idea on deadline. You can also mark the dates of submission of your class work. And you can submit your assignments and projects on time.

To use this feature you have to go to the top bar and you have to click the “+” sign and then you have to search for calendar. You will see an option called channel calendar, you have to click on this channel calendar.

Then you can rename it as per your convenience and you can check out the box which shows you “post through the channel about this tab”. This will notify the members that channel calendar is now available on this channel. Once you enter the option channel calendar, you simply can add the events or edit the events, you can also give the description of the event and do many more activities with this channel calendar. This is all about 4th new feature of Microsoft teams app.

5. End of Meeting Notification

The new feature number 5 of Microsoft teams app is that, the end of meeting notification. This feature is very crazy, it is good for those who become bored during the meeting. this feature notifies you 5 minutes before the end of the meeting. This feature is added only for the informational purpose.

If you love to talk during the meeting it will be disturbing for you. But if you are wondering on the terrace and waiting for the end of the meeting then it will be little satisfying for you. That’s what about the new feature end of meeting notification.

6. Presenter view

The new feature number 6 of Microsoft teams app is the all-new presenter view. This makes you presenting your slides more easier or presenting yourself more easier. To use this presenter view, you simply have to go to the top bar and click on the share content button. These opens up the share tray. Over on the right hand side you will see a PowerPoint slide option. If you have already uploaded it you can start the presentation. But if you have not uploaded it. You just simply have to browse it and upload the PowerPoint presentation.

Once you open the presentation you are entered into the presenter view and on the left hand side you can see the presentation slide. On the right hand side you can see all of the meeting notes associated with the channel. At the bottom bar you can see all your slides and you can directly jump in slide that you want to jump. And your meeting attendees cannot jump to any slide, only you just can do it.

Presenter view in Microsoft Teams app now supports the animation in Power-point Presentations. You can highlight the points on your PPT’s with the help of markers. Up Above there is an Eyes icon once you enable it, it will prevent participants from moving through the shared presentation on their own. The biggest advantage of using presenter view is that now you can see all of your meeting notes, you can do chat at the same time, you can see the meeting participants at the same time, you can maximize of minimize your screen.

7. Approvals app

The new feature number 7 of Microsoft teams app is that the new Approval Apps. It has just landed, it is the all new feature of Microsoft teams app. Let me explain in short what does it mean by approvals. On the left side by you will see the more option you have to click on the ellipses and then search for the approvals app. You will be landed on the approvals page.

With this approvals app feature you can build, send, or request approvals on your different projects and your clients projects. Suppose you have an idea to do Marketing of your product and you want it get approved you can just apply it for the approval in the Microsoft teams app.

And your senior member will check it and they will approve it. To send the new approval request, you just have to go to the right hand top side and you will see the new approval request option you have to click it and you have to submit the name of the request, approvar’s name and additional details and you can also add an attachment with it and you are ready to send it for approval.

8. Improved add SharePoint Tab

The new update or feature number 8 of Microsoft teams app is the improved add SharePoint tab. The experience of adding the SharePoint Tab on the above header is improved. To access this you have to click on the plus button on the header and it will open a new tab, where you have to search for a new tab.

Or simply you can directly click on the recent app it contains SharePoint pages and only the SharePoint Site. Now click on the SharePoint site, to see how it is improved. In the SharePoint site you can add on content from your teams or you can add any SharePoint site. At the down side you can see documents, home and various other recommendations.

You can also add pages lists and documents libraries for now I will go with recommendations and click home icon. And then click on save you can now see you have a new icon on the header called home. Where you can see all the information related to your home page. You can see various ideas. You can see various documents and also you can see various class notes and extra.

9. Improved Calling & Sharing Entry Point

The new feature number 9 of Microsoft teams app is that the improved calling and sharing entry point. You will see an improved quality during doing a video call or voice call. On the top right corner you will see an option called a video call or a voice call with which you can connect with your friends. It also has another option called share content which allows you to share your various screens of your computer. Or you can also share a specific window from your computer.

10. Join Teams Public Preview

The last feature number 10 of the Microsoft teams app is the all new public preview mode. If you like looking at all of this functionality maybe you don’t have it. You can get it by joining there teams public preview. To be able to join the teams public preview you need to make sure that your admin is on board. As an Admin you have to go to the website, on the left sidebar you will see an option called admin.

You have to click it, in the admin centre on the left hand side you’ll see the option called teams. You have to simply go to that. Within the teams admin centre on the left hand side click teams and down the option below I click update policies. Once you click that you’ll see all the difference policies that you have setup. You can select one of your policies and you can add description to your policies.

And you can make it on to show preview features. Once you have traveled on the feature chat now in your teams app in your account section you can see the two options called the the developer preview and the public preview.


From the above article we can conclude that the Microsoft teams app always keep dropping the new features and updates. In the Microsoft teams app and they have recently dropped 10 best and new features in the Microsoft teams app, which will help you a lot during your meetings and conferences.

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