What Is A Graphics Card? Best Guide (2021)

Whenever we listen about laptops and PC the first thing that comes in our mind is that the Games. Graphics Card help to play games smoothly. Most of us are very fond of playing games on PC and laptop. We can enjoy a lot by playing games on PC or laptop, but some of the games like Batman, Gods Of War and GTA needs a PC or laptop with high-end Graphics card. Without a high-end or normal graphics card you can’t play these games on your PC or laptop.

Like a Smartwatch needs a good AMOLED screen to run smoothly, similarly a graphic card helps PC’s and Laptops to run smoothly while playing games for doing high end coding.

If you are a gaming YouTuber and you are serious to make your career in this field, then my tips about will definitely help you to know more about graphic card. And you can grow your audience with the help of these tips. My tips will help you to know What is Graphics Card? and how to choose a perfect one for your laptop or PC.

A computer is basically made up of two different things:

  1. Software
  2. Hardware

A Software is anything which runs the internal functionality of a machine. And which cannot be physically experienced. Few examples of software are Microsoft Office and Google Chrome and many other things which we install and use in our computer that cannot be physically experienced.

Computer Hardware are any parts of computer which we can see and which we can experience physically by touching it. Some of the parts of the computer like graphics card, ram input devices and IC’s are the best examples of the computer hardware.

What Is Computer Graphics Card?

Computer Graphics card is a type of hardware part which is connected to the laptop or PC with Motherboard. It is also known by various other names such as gaming card, video card, display card and display adapter.

Every hardware component which is connected to the motherboard plays an important role. Similarly graphics card also has its own and unique role in the computer hardware system. Like Ram decides the speed of the computer, hard drive disk is used for data storage, CD drive is used to download and watch videos from external sources.

Similarly graphics card also has its own and unique role in the computer hardware system. With the help of graphics card the images, videos and the games that are being displayed on the computer screen can be clearly viewed without any blur.

It helps us to view crispy and crystal clear images, videos and games with high resolution. If you do not have graphic card present in your PC or laptop you will face problems during viewing images, videos and playing games.

You might have experienced some problems while opening high resolution images and videos and playing games like GTA, Batman and War of Thrones. These types of problems arises due to to unavailability of graphics card in your computer hardware system.

Advantages Of Computer Graphics Card

There are various advantages of a graphic card, some of them are mentioned as follows:

  1. Computer Graphics card can help you to run and play your games smoothly without any disturbance and problems.
  2. If you install a new graphics adapter to your previous graphics or video card you can get extra stability during playing games or watching high resolution videos and pictures.
  3. Most of the users use graphics card to improve their gaming experience.
  4. Graphics card can be used to do smooth and eye catching live streams on YouTube and other platforms.
  5. Video quality is tested in terms of resolution like 720 p, HD, 1080p, full HD and many other resolutions. The videos with high resolution such as 4K and Ultra HD resolution can run only on the PC on the laptop which uses a graphic card and video card.
  6. Graphics card is not only used to improve the resolution of the computer screen during watching videos and playing games on PC and laptop but it also takes the load coming on the computer CPU and makes your computer to run fast than previous.

How To Check Computer Graphics Card?

If you are buying a new laptop or PC for first time then definitely you will be curious to know about the specifications of the computer. Mainly if you are a game lover you will like to know the graphics card quality of the laptop or PC that you have bought. You might be very curious to know about the graphic card. If you want to check the specifications of the graphics card for your PC or laptop, you can check it in just 4 simple steps.

Step 1: Open the system of your computer and take your Mouse cursor to This PC or My Computer and then right click on it. You will find an option called manage as shown in the image.

Step 2: When you will click manage button you will be taken to the computer management, where you have to click device manager as shown in the image.

Step 3: When you go to device manager then you will see the option called device adapters, you have to click on that device adapters.

Step 4: In this display adapters option you can see whether the graphics card is installed or not in your PC or laptop.

Note:In the above image you can see two graphics cards are installed in the system.

  1. Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630
  2. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050

The Intel(R) Ultra HD graphics 360 is a graphics card which is by default available in the Intel computer or laptop systems. This graphics card by Intel is not perfect for gaming and other functions. So I recommend you to go with another.

Benchmark Testing of Gaming Card

Benchmark testing is a way which is produced by the reviews and ratings of global customers for a particular product.If you want to know which gaming card is best for your PC on laptop then you can blindly trust on Benchmark test score. I have collected some 10+ GPU to system reviews and ratings. In the table below I will tell you about the rating and price of the gaming cards.

#Name Of Gaming CardRatingsPrice
1TITAN V CEO Edition16988N/A
2GeForce RTX 2080 Ti168621099.99
3TITAN RTX165352499
4GeForce RTX 208015633699
6TITAN V149993170
7Quadro RTX 600014982$6300.00
8NVIDIA TITAN Xp145172142
9GeForce GTX 1080 Ti14267869
10GeForce RTX 207014231479

Which graphics card is best for Gaming?

We all know that everyone buys a computer or laptop for its own purpose. It may be any purpose. Everyone has its own mindset of buying a PC or laptop. You can do your regular work with the budget computer but if you want a good performance then you should buy a computer with best GPU system.

If you want to buy a gaming card to enhance your gaming experience then you should need a computer or a laptop with best RAM, processor along with the good GPS system with high configuration. For this I have selected top five GPS systems for your PC or laptop to increase or enhance your gaming experience.

  1. GeForce GTX series
  2. GeForce RTX series
  3. Nvidia Titan
  4. AMD Radeon R5, R7, R9 and RX series
  5. AMD Radeon RX Vega


Friends I hope you all have cleared that, what is a graphics card? You should also have cleared the doubt that which graphics card is best for gaming. And you should also have got an idea about the the advantages of graphics card to your PC or laptop. If you have any recommendation for this post you can type it in comment we will definitely work on it.

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